The Fully Adaptable Roleplay Adventure Design System (The FARAD System for short) was designed primarily by M.R.Maloney (Micah Raymond Maloney) for his company Red Roc Gaming (RRG for short) over the course of several years and tweaked and further altered through the helpful betatesting of several individuals, chiefly in order of time they started testing:

Smittie (Thomas Smith)
Ben (Benjamin Keys)
Stacie (Stacie Dee Anne Garies)
Adam (Adam Lewis LaValley)
Majin Valormine (Rylee)
Sebass (Johan Curiskis Nora)
Marty (Martin Hawthorne)
Kaoru (Kaoru Shoji)
Dulcara (Thomas Arndt)
and untold others who gave snippets of advice here and there.

This system wouldn't exist or keep developing without their support and the continuing support of others as the system grows further. Thank you all.

The FARAD System is chiefly centered around the balance of choice and determinism, with many checks and balancing mechanics to reinforce that notion, including a tech-tree training and leveling mechanic, environmental balance mechanic regarding magic, technology and pollution, and countless other mechanics. It utilizes solely d10 die to play, in varying amounts depending on a particular check base, as well as bonuses such as crits, luck, chance and determinism die. It is designed to be exactly what its full title states, adaptable to any adventure campaign, and though it does have a core setting and other expansions for additional settings, it is constructed to give a framework for creation of species, planets and entire universes around a balanced skeleton with which a Game Master (GM) may flesh out to their own particular concepts with as few limitations in guidelines as possible, while still pointing out potential issues that may arise if a new GM were to disregard some of those guidelines without proper planning against said issues.

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