Printed Campaigns

None as of yet, as the system is still in development.

Livestream Campaigns


Prior to The Rise of the Chimeric Dominion campaign, there were a a few sessions done by with other individuals solely between Micah and the individual, or between Micah and two of them. They include Thomas 'Smittie' Smith (playing as Arindell Rathan for a dozen sessions) and Benjamin 'Ben' Keys (playing as an unnamed male Glacias Draconis Dragon-Kin for four sessions) who helped co-conceptualize the setting for the playtest and did one session together, Caesar Rodriguez (playing as an unnamed male Centaur for one session with Smittie and one with Ben, prior to the redesign of the species as Kenthi), Stacie Dee Ann Garies (as the first hybrid character, Enika Mizola, for one session), and two others (respectively playing an unnamed male Cubi and unnamed male Reynix for one session each) prior to the first livestream campaign episode.

The Rise of the Chimeric Dominion

The first livestream campaign. As the setting of Lenida was originally made with collaborative conceptualization with Smittie and Ben, it seemed fitting to continue the first livestream campaign with Smittie, in-game being 1 year after the initial earliest alpha in-person playtests done, and bring others in as able. For the first couple episodes, Adam Lewis LaValley, joined (playing as Rita Meixiu Xing, before bowing out). Soon Smittie was joined by Mike 'Majin Valormine' (who played as Anuriel 'Juju' Viletail for several sessions, and later bowed out) and Johan Curiskis Nora (who played as Mortechai 'Chai' Halfwing, and later bowed out, prior to Majin), Martin 'Marty' Hawthorne (playing as 'Gayle'), and Thomas 'Dulcara' Arndt (playing as Ven-Tul). The current players are Smittie (still playing as Arindell Rathan), Marty (still playing as 'Gayle'), and Dulcara (still playing as Ven-Tul). This campaign originally started with Arindell and Rita trying to investigate a new island formed between Adslein and Tessaria out of two former islands and magical stone shaping beneath them to merge them together, as well as the group of people calling themselves 'The Chimeric Dominion', who were trying to create their own government and called ambassadors and merchants from across Lenida to a summit to discuss their formalization as a new nation. While uncovering some of The Chimeric Dominion's secrets (and Arindell seeing Horthas Kredor once again after the pre-livestream campaign) with Arindell's companions Ahlnet Karn and 'Drexell', Drexell left to gather allies. Arindel met a newly ascended numina who gave no name, but let Arindell choose to call her 'Apep', having offered the responsibility and power of becoming Apep's Champion. Arindell agreed, and together with Ahlnet, met Juju and the trio worked to enter 'The House with no Doors' in order to do a quest for Apep. On going back in time to work on it, Chai arrived and followed after the trio, eventually making himself known before Gayle was discovered, and the trio of individuals Apep had the party finding and bringing to the present were found. Despite some obstacles, the party brought the trio to the present, moments before the timeline rippled and created a new Aethrix, which all three initial campaigns were set within, as well as creating tears to The White Void, The Forgotten Prison of Pral, and The Silicon Fields, as well as releasing several Living Pentachorons. Chai performed a service for Apep in exchange for a boon, and Apep's enslaved lover was set free from an enchantment placed by the numina Urgendur. Hasielda Varn brought forth several Sarok to defend The Chimeric Dominion, and her mate Horthas and his disciples joined the fray, as well as Drexell and several allies she had brought with her from The Glens of Tirae and other realms. After a deal was struck between Juju and the pragur Nithulak, the party and all its allies were able to seal the tears to The White Void and Pral, and later, the one to The Silicon Fields as well, after gathering resources from it. This all occurred right before The Vilru Invasion of Lenida began. //More details later folks…

The Stalwart March

The second livestream campaign, which started with Majin (playing as 'Raz Wogen', and later bowed out) and Johan (playing as Gris Clanksworth, and later bowed out), later joined by Kaoru Nora (playing as 'Esme', and later bowed out) for a few sessions before Smittie joined (playing as 'Mottya'), and Marty joined (playing as Colt Dragoon). Eventually after Johan and Kaoru bowed out, Dulcara joined (playing as 'Demi'), and Majin eventually bowed out as well. The current players are Smittie (still playing as 'Mottya'), Marty (still playing as Colt Dragoon), and Dulcara (still playing as 'Demi'). //More details later folks…

The Crimson Tide

The third livestream campaign, which started with Dulcara (playing as 'Victoria'), Majin (playing as 'Captain Fang', who later bowed out), Marty (playing as 'Mr. White'), and Smittie (playing as 'Marta'). The current players are Dulcara (still playing as 'Victoria'), Marty (still playing as 'Mr. White'), and Smittie (playing as 'Marta'). //More details later folks…

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