Printed Campaigns

None as of yet, as the system is still in development.

Livestream Campaigns


Prior to The Rise of the Chimeric Dominion campaign, there were a a few sessions done by with other individuals solely between Micah and the individual, or between Micah and two of them. They include Thomas 'Smittie' Smith (playing as Arindell Rathan for a dozen sessions) and Benjamin 'Ben' Keys (playing as an unnamed male Glacias Draconis Dragon-Kin for four sessions) who helped co-conceptualize the setting for the playtest and did one session together, Caesar Rodriguez (playing as an unnamed male Centaur for one session with Smittie and one with Ben, prior to the redesign of the species as Kenthi), Stacie Dee Ann Garies (as the first hybrid character, Enika Mizola, for one session), and two others (respectively playing an unnamed male Cubi and unnamed male Reynix for one session each) prior to the first livestream campaign episode.

The Rise of the Chimeric Dominion

The first livestream campaign. As the setting of Lenida was originally made with collaborative conceptualization with Smittie and Ben, it seemed fitting to continue the first livestream campaign with Smittie, in-game being 1 year after the initial earliest alpha in-person playtests done, and bring others in as able. For the first couple episodes, Adam Lewis LaValley, joined (playing as Rita Meixiu Xing, before bowing out). Soon Smittie was joined by Mike 'Majin Valormine' (who played as Anuriel 'Juju' Viletail for several sessions, and later bowed out) and Johan Curiskis Nora (who played as Mortechai 'Chai' Halfwing, and later bowed out, prior to Majin), Martin 'Marty' Hawthorne (playing as 'Gayle'), and Thomas 'Dulcara' Arndt (playing as Ven-Tul). The current players are Smittie (still playing as Arindell Rathan), Marty (still playing as 'Gayle'), and Dulcara (still playing as Ven-Tul). This campaign originally started with Arindell and Rita trying to investigate a new island formed between Adslein and Tessaria out of two former islands and magical stone shaping beneath them to merge them together, as well as the group of people calling themselves 'The Chimeric Dominion', who were trying to create their own government and called ambassadors and merchants from across Lenida to a summit to discuss their formalization as a new nation. While uncovering some of The Chimeric Dominion's secrets (and Arindell seeing Horthas Kredor once again after the pre-livestream campaign) with Arindell's companions Ahlnet Karn and 'Drexell', Drexell left to gather allies. Arindel met a newly ascended numina who gave no name, but let Arindell choose to call her 'Apep', having offered the responsibility and power of becoming Apep's Champion. Arindell agreed, and together with Ahlnet, met Juju and the trio worked to enter 'The House with no Doors' in order to do a quest for Apep. On going back in time to work on it, Chai arrived and followed after the trio, eventually making himself known before Gayle was discovered, and the trio of individuals Apep had the party finding and bringing to the present were found. Despite some obstacles, the party brought the trio to the present, moments before the timeline rippled and created a new Aethrix, which all three initial campaigns were set within, as well as creating tears to The White Void, The Forgotten Prison of Pral, and The Silicon Fields, as well as releasing several living pentachorons. Chai performed a service for Apep in exchange for a boon, and Apep's enslaved lover was set free from an enchantment placed by the numina Urgendur. Hasielda Varn brought forth several Sarok to defend The Chimeric Dominion, and her mate Horthas and his disciples joined the fray, as well as Drexell and several allies she had brought with her from The Glens of Tirae and other realms. After a deal was struck between Juju and the pragur Nithulak, the party and all its allies were able to seal the tears to The White Void and Pral, and later, the one to The Silicon Fields as well, after gathering resources from it. This all occurred right before the vilru invasion of Lenida began. Moving across the globe, the party started gathering allies and resources until Gayle died and had to face his Reaper, making a pact with the numina Mordulla in order to return to life. Continuing on, the party and their growing army kept seeking more power and allies, facing greater dangers up until Arindel accidentally gave the pragur Lavlokalna a vilru host body. The pragur, known as 'the unending hunger' destroyed the vilru vessel after Arindel escaped, and wiped out Obana Village as they burrowed through the ground toward the planet's core, seeking to consume the bodel slumbering there that was the heart of wild magic for Lenida. Aiming to further bolster their forces and lay traps for the vilru and Lavolkalna, the party tried seeking the aid of the numina Maemyer in order to travel ten years into the past, but were instead sent thirty years back, before Arindel was born. Seeking out their ally Weiland Shars, the party created alternate personalities and aliases in order to try to limit the chronal repercussions, and managed to gain his aid and that of his daughter Alphaba, whose soul had been fragmented fifteen-hundred years ago. Facing a threat from an alternate timeline, the party made preparations and moved on their journey to seek out training, resources and allies to meet them or otherwise coordinate attacks when they would make their way back to the time which they had left. //More details later folks…

The Stalwart March

The second livestream campaign, which started with Majin (playing as 'Raz Wogen', and later bowed out) and Johan (playing as Gris Clanksworth, and later bowed out), later joined by Kaoru Nora (playing as 'Esme', and later bowed out) for a few sessions before Smittie joined (playing as 'Mottya'), and Marty joined (playing as Colt Dragoon). Eventually after Johan and Kaoru bowed out, Dulcara joined (playing as 'Demi' first, then later as 'Boon'), and Majin eventually bowed out as well. The current players are Smittie (still playing as 'Mottya'), Marty (still playing as Colt Dragoon), and Dulcara (now playing as 'Boon'). After Raz battled in a championship, a derejin was released in an intentionally mistranslated wish to protect the city which sent almost all of its citizens to an unknown location away from the city of Eghaire. Making an ally of that derejin and an important figure from the city, they fought and killed the derejin that mistranslated and caused the disappearance, as well as driving off the adecrea Prexith. Trying to find out more about the disappearance, Mottya fell for a trap laid by the adecrea Zaelnar and the party fought them, driving off one of their bodies to Thelatos, as well as driving off Raz's squire, who had chosen to ally himself with Zaelnar. Then the vilru invasion began as two planes from The Auduron Empire tried to shoot a city-sized ship down and were vaporized. One of these planes earlier dropped a nuke down on Eghaire which Mottya diverted into a canyon, becoming irradiated, but was saved from death by the appearance of some Dieselknights that helped them fight Zaelnar. A radiation gun Colt made helped against Zaelnar, but proved ineffectual against the vilru ship. At this time, Demi arrived and transported the party and its allies rapidly to the Isle of Espus, where they debriefed with The Dieselknight Order. After showing the radiation gun's tests to the order, the party had to turn it off as the vilru launched darkholm spikes at them, exuding a red mist that infected those that breathed it in. Surviving an accidental incineration of part of Colt's tower, Colt and Mottya struggled against and thought they killed an infected felinae, a raksasha that tricked them with illusion as it hid and explored an ancient ruins the two had access to and accidentally took the raksasha into. At this pointThe party then had tried to hunt down the raksaha, but found out it had infected hundreds it came across in an underground train tunnel. Escaping with Raz unconscious and Esme infected, the party returned to the Dieselknight Order's keep as vilru scoutships surrounded it. Taking them down and barely overcoming the psionic manipulation of a survivor of a downed ship, the party sought to save Raz, pulling a parasitic creature out of him and keeping both alive in order to hope that he might come out of his coma. Mottya went and dealt with individuals on a cruise ship that he accidentally infected when destroying a scout ship, and made some new allies, as well as travelling to Roannelm and making allies with the infected citizens that managed their condition for now. At this time Demi left and Boon revealed himself as having been watching over Demi, employed by the latter's twin brother. Returning to the cruise ship as it had started to leave its position on the ocean, Mottya found Boon's aid useful as they cleared the ship of dangers, though one elementine infected escaped. Returning, they met with Marta who appeared outside Colt's tower, and awkwardly and aggressively spoke with her for a bit. As the party made preparations for fighting more vilru in the future, they were called to a hearing which would determine the fate of Roannelm. Meeting and making a contract with an infernal firm defending Roannelm's freedoms, the party then found out a bit about the corruption of the capital's prison system which the mayor sought to deal with, and with their help leveraged proof that would not only keep the warden from being responsible for the quarantine of Raonnelm citizens under his control, but put enough forth that might help the mayor politically to try to later oust the corrupt governor as well. As the warden and his men were leaving, it was discovered that some were infected and though the warden had been corrupt, Mottya saved his life and stopped part of the plot they were enacting, with a bomb's explosion and red mist being contained by one of the infernal defense lawyers. At this time Colt became immensely wealthy as he sold a four acre parcel of land and sea to one of the infernal lawyers and leased another, as per fulfilling part of the contract they had made together, and had an infernal bank account set up for his finances. Returning back to the hearing, it was decided that the city itself would be quarantined, with The Dieselknight Order and individuals from the different cities on The Isle of Espus serving as the guards and experts who would be checking on the status of its citizens. //More details later folks…

The Crimson Tide

The third livestream campaign, which started with Dulcara (playing as 'Victoria'), Majin (playing as 'Captain Fang', who later bowed out), Marty (playing as 'Mr. White'), and Smittie (playing as 'Marta'). The current players are Dulcara (still playing as 'Victoria'), Marty (still playing as 'Mr. White'), Smittie (playing as 'Marta'), and Kevin Wylie (playing as 'Goop'). The party ended up trying to escape from the battling bodel, adecrea-Host and pragur-Host in a harbor on the Isle of Espus and went through a rift to The Starry Oceans of Quantil. After surviving other dangers, they made their way to a meteor village of cubi and gremlins which was manipulated by a psionic Ur-Kraken. Dragging it into an arcane hurricane with them, it finally died as it hit water too shallow for it and its corpse was torn apart by a rhigaro tribe. Meeting another tribe, they gained directions and some aid, as well as two brides for the uncomfortable Mr. White given his sexuality, and moved on to the Lagatui Spire. There they found aid that would help them improve their ship, The Crimson Maiden, a couple new engineers to help manage those new systems, and were told to seek the riftshaper Gulla Tamal'Kan. Saving her from some hirudae, the party watched as one that had stealthily latched on to Mr. White nearly killed him, but negotiations made that one into an ally. Returning back to the spire, the party went through a rift Marta had accidentally created with wild magic, descending into The Endless Labyrinth of Mazek to help Gulla seek some information. On their trek, they faced curious puzzles, dangerous traps and found some interesting relics that they took back with them, Marta briefly transporting to outside Colt's tower and communicating with them before returning to Mazek, then fleeing grotesqueries that chased after. Defeating the few that followed back, they dealt with other dangers as they prepared to travel through rift Marta accidentally created to The Shifting Sands of Jahneer in order to find a way back home. Surviving an encounter with a gigantic beetle and other dangers, eventually they managed to return and finish preparations for travel. At this time Goop arrived and brought dangers with them from Thelatos, joining the crew as they were directed toward the party and found reasons to stay. After deciding to avoid the danger to the spire rather than help quell it, The Crimson Maiden and its crew went down toward the rift to Jahneer as Gulla widened it slowly to fit the vessel. Fighting off a large swarm of infernal insects, the ship finally made its way through the rift and it was closed behind, only for the ship to crash down onto the dunes and ride the sand to a stop. While they were digging the ship out, they were met by a tribe of venefica that wanted them to attack a floating city of derejin, and Marta brought the party to a safe place to recharge and rest, using her relic from Mazek. There, the party met a bodel that granted them the means to return there once per day without worry, gave them advice, and explained why they sent them away from their home. Returning to Jahneer after Marta filled up some foci crystals, The Crimson Maiden took flight toward the derejin city, though not for the purposes the venefica sought. //More details later folks…

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