Basic Species Description

Gitwerg are an old crustacean species linked with the Goblins in lost ancestry, though neither species would dare even consider such a possibility, let alone admit to it. The gitwerg, often called dwarves by humans for their short stature, are not merely short humans but another species entirely. They are very gruff and strong, not considered beautiful by most species as their craggy skin and faces exist even on the young and females. All gitwerg grow tendril beards, including the females, at a very young age, though the females tend to not grow it as long and some trim it, cauterizing and capping off the stubbed tendrils with ornate jewelry. The gitwerg hate the wide-open sky, preferring to live in caves, underground and underwater, rotating shifts to ensure the few things they cannot grow underground or underwater are kept safe and gathered by those doing time above. Gitwerg can resist charm and charisma quite easily and are very strong, but most have little focus for magic or psionics. Due to their hard work, miner and warrior culture, most become burdeners or berserkers. While a gitwerg can mate with other species, it is rare, and the genes which do carry over to the hybrid offspring tend to make the mixture awkward visually to most other species. Gitwerg young can be raised by parents of other species, adopted or otherwise, but they will prefer to remain either indoors or underground when possible, being far less sociable than they would when raised by their own species. All gitwerg are very strong and enduring, as well as wise and intelligent, but not as reactive or having as much finesse. They are good with stone and metal crafting checks however. Gitwerg will often compete with goblins for certain land and underground tunnels, but for the most part they prefer to stay away from each other rather than seek each other out. In Tirae and other locations with higher oxygen content, they grow by two percent per year until reaching a full four and a half meters in height at an age of three hundred years, which is considered the average maximum lifespan without rejuvenation methods.

History of the Species

Gitwerg originally evolved in Tirae from crustaceans, living alongside the few large seas, laying their eggs in the mud and sand, being hunted by the primitive ancestors of the gobins, and in turn, developing the means to combat and hunt them as well, the two competing for shoreline and underground space, though the gitwerg were more prone to going underwater than further up onto plains and cliff facings like the goblins. During the Great Fey Exodus, many gitwerg fought to leave the Spritehollow region for other regions, going deep to try to avoid becoming infected (though many failed), but many left and went to Lenida.

Base Species Genetics

The genetics for a gitwerg are as follows:

(D5) Regrowing Armor Shell: +1d10/2 EP recovery during full rest, Strong Defense for +2 EP, +1 defense against physical damage, and +1% Size every 5 months in a high-oxygen environment.

(D3) Amphibious Lungs: Capable of breathing water without additional aids.

(D3) Swimming Strength: +2 on Swimming Check, +2 on Might Checks.

(R3) Endurance: +2 EP.

(R3) Vision: +2 on Observation checks, Steady Low-Light Vision, +1 on Observation checks against the penalty of low-light conditions.


Gitwerg gitgun have have tan or ruddy skin, red or orange or brown chin tendrils, and blue or green eyes. They mostly live close to the surface, having slightly more strength than the duwerg. Masculine gitgun tend to be 20% larger than feminine and neuter gitgun.

(E-4) Strength: +2 on Grip Checks, and +2 on Might Checks. [Gitwerg Gitgun]
(E-4) Courageous Shallow-Dwellers: +2 on Courage Checks, +1 on Lung Checks, and +1 on Calm Checks. [Gitwerg Gitgun]
(E-4) Observant Memory: +2 on Memory Checks, and +2 on Observation Checks. [Gitwerg Gitgun]

Gitwerg duwerg are pale or gray in color, with more callouses, black or white or gray or blond chin tendrils, and black or brown eyes. They live even deeper underground and underwater for the most part, having better observation, more endurance, more focus, and more reactive response. Feminine gitgun tend to be 20% larger than masculine and neuter duwerg.

(E-4) Enduring Focus: +1 EP, and +1 FP. [Gitwerg Duwerg]
(E-4) Depth Dwellers: +2 on Swimming Checks, +1 on Lung Checks, and +1 on Observation Checks. [Gitwerg Duwerg]
(E-4) Observant Reflexes: +1 on Cleaving Checks, +1 on Reflex Checks, and +2 on Observation Checks. [Gitwerg Duwerg]

Generally gitwerg utilize a language unique to their race, but many also know the language of the nearest other fey populations, as well that of the nearest naiad population. This is not to say that some do not speak others rather than those particular languages, or in addition to it, merely that they are the most likely languages for them to speak. While gitwerg were considered of lower, mercantile and middle class after The Great Exodus, some gitwerg were upper or noble in their own culture, and respected as such by most other cultures, though still seen as more warriors than politicians. Their masonry, metalworking and submersible work greatly affect their own culture and the perception of other cultures of their own, with grand designs in their architecture. Gitwerg generally prefer honesty even to the point of bluntness and lack of tact at times, disliking the pixie and goblin twisting of meaning and outright lying. This is not to say that they cannot lie, as they do, but typically it is for tactical advantage or when dealing with customers and politicians, not their everyday lives, and even those who do lie for such purposes find it necessary but distasteful, preferring not to if they don't have the need.


While gitwerg do have all six potential sex genes presenting the nine combinations feasible, primarily the male and female sexes are more common.

(m1) Those with this sex gene have +2 on Carousing Checks, and +2 on Salvage Checks. [Gitwerg]

(m2) Those with this sex gene have +2 on Might Checks, +1 on Fishing Checks, and +1 on Swimming Checks. [Gitwerg]

(f1) Those with this sex gene have +3 on Carousing Checks, and +1 on Improvise Checks. [Gitwerg]

(f2) Those with this sex gene have +2 on Might Checks, and +2 on Fishing Checks. [Gitwerg]

(n1) Those with this sex gene have +1 on Carousing Checks, and +3 on Repair Checks. [Gitwerg]

(n2) Those with this sex gene +2 on Calm Checks, +1 on Fishing Checks, and +1 on Swimming Checks. [Gitwerg]

For the sake of this playtest, the rules for food and drink that are optional are not being utilized, and respiration is utilizing the two-fail check mechanic for reducing from one level of respiration to another, rather than the more advanced mechanic.

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