Basic Species Description

Kaelran, outwardly, mostly resemble humans, and indeed can blend in as such if they so wish, so long as their artificial skin is not broken to reveal the complex machinery underneath. However, most embrace their species identity, affixing assorted markings, piercings and attachments to themselves that accentuate the recognition that they are not merely human. Those that are hybrids with other species will typically do likewise against whatever other species that are in their genetics, sometimes to the surprise of their neighbors if they had been raised believing they were a hybrid of a human and whatever other species was in the mix.

History of the Species

The first kaelran was Kestrel Alras, created by Jerith Alras as the masterpiece of his robotic expertise. She was an android whom he finished before passing away, but not before asking the numina of the Odarne Pantheon to bless his final creation, the first time he had done so in several decades. Among the assorted twisted blessing she received, the numina Dyndar bestowed upon her a soul, and the gift and yearning for magic. She rose through her studies at the Magus Ludus Academy for the Arcane Arts amidst the growing tensions in Tesaria that would eventually destroy the academy and drive Kestrel and many others to join the front lines in The Tesarian War for Independence. After the war ended, she continued her ongoing search for the secrets of immortality for those she cared for, eventually disappearing from known history. However, while those who forget the teachings of the past are doomed to repeat them, those who obsess over them are just as likely to do so if such is their goal. Even during her fame, many individuals attempted to recreate the masterful work that went into her construction, regardless of her possession of a soul or not. In this, some found themselves met by a muse in their dreams, some claiming her to be Unate, Kestrel herself, Jerith, or an unknown red-haired Indeth woman. Upon waking from these dreams, their efforts surged forward, and eventually enough individuals attempting to create other such masterful androids were capable of constructing the earliest kaelran, whose possession of a soul came at a complete surprise to their creators, many of whom had not entreated any numina for such a bestowal. Over time as the designs were refined, the kaelran became capable of reproduction with one another and, through the use of magic, with other species as well.

Base Species Genetics

The genetics for a kaelran are as follows:

(D4) Metal Body: +2 EP, Normal Metal Body, allowing the use of Metal Physical Damage instead of Untyped Physical Damage, for all STR damage checks.

(D3) Calculated Stamina: +1d10/2 Daily Advantage to Stamina Pool Recovery, +1 Stamina Source Pool Adaption, and Normal Tranquility, which allows anything recovered during rest to recover during meditation as well.

(D4) Learning Perfect Memory: Normal Memory, allowing the use of any unused FP as a 1d10/2 bonus to memory checks per FP, +1d10/2 Daily Advantage to Learning Checks, +1 on Reasoning Checks, and +1 on Observation Checks.

(R3) Determined Curiosity: +1 on Courage Checks, +1 on Morale Checks, and +1 on Accuracy Checks.

(R3) Coordinated Accuracy: +1d10/2 Daily Advantage when assisting an ally, companion or mercenary, or being assisted by them, and +1d10/2 Daily Advantage to Accuracy Checks.


Cogra kaelran have tanned skin, mostly brown or black hair and eyes, and a general laid-back disposition unless angered, usually migrating along coastal lines or living on the oceans.

(E-4) Speed Enduring: +1 EP, and +1 MP. [Cogra Kaelran]
(E-4) Mighty Swimming: +1 on Swimming Checks, +3 on Might Checks. [Cogra Kaelran]
(E-4) Emotional Stability: +1 Grit Domain, +1 Comedy Domain, +1 Temperance Domain, and +1 Charity Domain. [Cogra Kaelran]

Jertan kaelran are darker-skinned with similar hair and eye-color, the majority live there still in mostly nomadic fashion in deserts. They tend to be 20 cm or taller and more muscular on average than other kaelran.

(E-4) Speed Enduring: +1 EP, and +1 MP. [Jertan Kaelran]
(E-4) Mighty Observation: +1 on Observation Checks, +3 on Might Checks. [Jertan Kaelran]
(E-4) Nomadic Advantage: +1d10/2 Flow, +1d10/2 Harvest, +1d10/2 Vitality, and +1d10/2 Instinct Daily Advantage. [Jertan Kaelran]

Renyill kaelran have pale lightly sandy skin, almond-shaped eyes, and light freckling in some. Their hair comes in shades of blond, brown and black, and their eyes in shades of blue, brown and black as well. On average their beauty is a little higher than average, though their height is usually at least 25 cm or shorter on average than other kaelran

(E-4) Gift for Darker Magic: +1 Foci Magic Source Adaption, +1 Spore Magic Source Adaption. [Renyill Kaelran]
(E-4) Beautiful Focus: +1 FP, and +2 Beauty. [Renyill Kaelran]
(E-4) Swimming Focus: +1 FP, and +2 on Swimming Checks. [Renyill Kaelran]

Undanth kaelran are strong and fast, having creamy skin, freckling in some, and are native to the lands that typically have ample amount of Fey also living there. Their hair comes in shades of brown, black, and red, and their eyes in shades of green, blue, brown and black. They tend to have a high amount of strength, courage, stubbornness, and magical ability. They are usually 10 cm or shorter on average than other kaelran.
(E-4) Gift for Wild Magic: +1 Foci Magic Source Adaption, +1 Wild Magic Source Adaption. [Undanth Kaelran]
(E-4) Beautiful Spirit: +1 on Courage Checks, +1 on Cunning Checks, and +2 Beauty. [Undanth Kaelran]
(E-4) Mighty Focused: +1 FP and +2 on Might Checks. [Undanth Kaelran]

Algran kaelran tend to live along mountains. They have dark tan skin, hair in shades of blond, brown and black, as well as eyes in shades of yellow, blue, brown and black. They tend to be more aggressive than other kaelran.

(E-4) Untiring Advantage: +1d10 Daily Stamina Pool Recovery Advantage. [Algran Kaelran]
(E-4) Daring Thoughts: +2 on Courage Checks, and +2 on Cunning Checks. [Algran Kaelran]
(E-4) Mighty Damage: +2 on Might Checks, and +1d10 Attack Daily Advantage. [Algran Kaelran]

Dyfor kaelran have lightly red skin, and are usually both muscular and swift. Their hair comes in shades of brown and black, and their eyes in shades of red, brown, black and blue.

(E-4) Speed Enduring: +1 EP, and +1 MP. [Dyfor Kaelran]
(E-4) Brave Spirit: +1 on Courage Checks, +1 on Cunning Checks, and +1 Soul Magic Source Adaption. [Dyfor Kaelran]
(E-4) Accurate Might: +2 on Might Checks, +2 on Accuracy Checks. [Dyfor Kaelran]

Turoshem kaelran mostly live in colder climates with cream colored skin, and patches of black hair along their back, chest and arms, as well as more feline ears. They are generally kind, having hair in shades of brown, black and gray, with eyes in shades of brown, black, blue, green and gray.

(E-4) Enduring: +2 EP. [Turoshem Kaelran]
(E-4) Wise Courage: +2 on Courage Checks, +1 on Observation Checks, and +1 on Cunning Checks. [Turoshem Kaelran]
(E-4) Cold Instinctual Strength: +1 on Might Checks, +1 Instinct Domain Adaption, +2 Blizzard Domain Adaption. [Turoshem Kaelran]

Kaelran have their own language, as well as most knowing the language of the glacias draconis dragon-kin, glakal dren, and that of whatever human culture is closest to them, as well as whatever other cultural language is most present. This is in large part due to glakal dren being so prominent, and their ability to learn is such that they quickly pick up many other languages. Kaelran are still a young species, and often considered of lower, and mercantile class, as they have not had lineages long enough to have a large number in middle, upper or noble classes. More often than not, however, kaelran are driven to satisfy their particular curiosities, exploring the world with such wonder and innocent eyes compared to most species, and working to become masterful at whatever tasks they find themselves most suited toward.


Over all, the different sexes of kaelran are similar internally save reproductive functions, having significant differences there and with regard to breasts and genitalia, as well as some differences in muscular fiber and adipose cluster densities.

(m1) Those with this sex gene have +1 EP, and +1 FP. [Kaelran]

(m2) Those with this sex gene have +1 MA, +1 on Charisma Checks and +1 on Grip Checks. [Kaelran]

(f1) Those with this sex gene have +1 on Balance Checks, +2 on Charisma Checks and +1 Beauty. [Kaelran]

(f2) Those with this sex gene have +1 MA, +1 on Agility Checks and +1 on Accuracy Checks. [Kaelran]

(n1) Those with this sex gene have +1 FP, +1 on Learning Checks and +1 on Cunning Checks. [Kaelran]

(n2) Those with this sex gene have +1 SP, +1 on Lung Checks and +1 on Accuracy Checks. [Kaelran]

For the sake of this playtest, the rules for food and drink that are optional are not being utilized, and respiration is utilizing the two-fail check mechanic for reducing from one level of respiration to another, rather than the more advanced mechanic.

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