Basic Species Description

Kenthri are a strong and enduring noble species, making good warriors and quite capable of carrying a great deal of weight, items or even other characters if the individual has earned that rare honor, making them quite valuable to players who choose that race for their own. They usually are huntsmen or burdeners, but as with other species, their diverse range of backgrounds and professions is quite broad. Kenthri are able to hold up to forty-five kilograms unencumbered, and an additional thirteen-point-six kilograms even with a strength of zero on average while only losing a little speed. They aren't as agile or able to react, however, and can't use magic as well as most other races.

Kenthri are able to live up to seventy years without rejuvenation and mature at age fifteen. Kenthri have names given at birth, as well as one chosen at succeeding in their rite of passage, when they are recognized as an adult. Kenthri are able to be raised by other races, though their innate desire for open spaces, room to run and freedom is rarely lessened. Kenthri give live births, usually just one or two at a time.

History of the Species

Kenthri are an ancient species of warriors, having been created on millenia ago by a mixture of breeding a species of perissodactyla, especially chalicotheres, in magically saturated areas, and intentional transformational spells cast by their owners to make the mutations more stable, as well as a few in the wild being mutated by their proximity to primal magic, with the survivors eventually breeding with those humans tried to domesticate. As a result of this happening over centuries, the kenthri have gained sentience, though never lost their wild spirit.

Base Species Genetics

The genetics for a kenthri are as follows:

(D7) Charge Attack: Has the 'Charge Attack' ability.

Charge Attack Rank I:
    (Direction, Aura, None)
    (Standard, Halved)
    (Natural, 95% Stability, EP Blowback)
    (Flesh [Vim], Flesh [Redirection])
    (6 FP, 5 Attempts, Accuracy Check)
          This ability allows the user to gain the charged status effect and on hitting anything will deal Rank + Dice Pool + Flesh Damage.            
Prerequisites: Kenthri species genetics. (18 points from cost, 1 point per FP for up to 20, 12 points necessary for Charged)

(D5) Healing Spirit: +1d10 HP healed up to max every day during full rest beyond normal.

(D4) Speed: +4 MP.

(R4) Strength and Endurance: +2 EP, +2 Lifting Strength.

(R3) Determined: +1 on Courage Checks, +1 on Morale Checks, +1 on Accuracy Checks.


The audbin kenthri are dark-skinned with dark-hides, black or brown hair, and brown or violet eyes. They are stronger than most Kenthri, but slower, and not as charismatic.

(E-4) Beautiful Strength: +2 Lifting Strength and +2 Beauty. [Audbin Kenthri]
(E-4) Endurance: +2 EP. [Audbin Kenthri]
(E-4) Stealthy Reasoning: +2 Stealth and +2 Reasoning. [Audbin Kenthri]

The pilde kenthri are painted-hide and reddened skin, with brown or gray hair, with blue or black or hazel or gray eyes. They are faster than most kenthri, and more accurate but don't have as much finesse or reasoning. They live in plains mostly.

(E-4) Accurate Beauty: +2 Accuracy and +2 Beauty. [Pilde Kenthri]
(E-4) Speed: +2 MP. [Pilde Kenthri]
(E-4) Enduring Speed: +1 EP and +1 MP. [Pilde Kenthri]

The celdren kenthri are light skinned with light gray or white hide, blonde or red or brown or black hair, and blue or green or hazel or brown eyes. They can use focus a little better, but aren't as fast, and aren't as beautiful.

(E-4) Focused: +2 FP. [Celdren Kenthri]
(E-4) Endurance: +2 EP. [Celdren Kenthri]
(E-4) Focused Courage: +1 FP and +2 Courage. [Celdren Kenthri]

The merwan kenthri are lightly yellow skinned with brown hides, black or brown hair, and brown or black eyes. They are more intelligent and wise, but not as strong or fast.

(E-4) Focused Knowledge: +1 FP and +2 Knowledge. [Merwan Kenthri]
(E-4) Enduring Memory: +1 EP and +2 Memory. [Merwan Kenthri]
(E-4) Observant Reasoning: +2 Observation and +2 Reasoning. [Merwan Kenthri]


Over all, the different sexes of kenthri are largely alike, though stallions (m1m2) tend to have more speed, while a mares (f1f2) tends to have more reaction. Other sexes are rarer. Because their genitalia are external, it is generally considered taboo to have them exposed, and most kenthri cultures also have toplessness a taboo as well, even without interaction with other cultures. Kenthri are mammals and as such, give live birth.

(m1) Those with this sex gene have +2 MP and +1 lifting strength. [Kenthri]

(m2) Those with this sex gene have +1 HP and +1 lifting strength. [Kenthri]

(f1) Those with this sex gene have +1 MP, +2 agility and +1 balance. [Kenthri]

(f2) Those with this sex gene have +2 reflex and +1 lifting strength. [Kenthri]

(n1) Those with this sex gene have +1 MP, +1 agility and +2 learning. [Kenthri]

(n2) Those with this sex gene +1 FP and +1 lifting strength. [Kenthri]

Generally kenthri utilize a language unique to their culture, but also knowing the language of the nearest military population. This is not to say that some do not speak others rather than those particular languages, or in addition to it, merely that they are the most likely languages for them to speak. While kenthri were considered of middle class mostly after The Foundation War, few kenthri cultures pushed themselves toward more economic and political power, preferring simple lives for the most part, and enjoy warfare and combat in general, as well as open fields and farms. As such, their culture is a warrior and agrarian culture for the most part.

For the sake of this playtest, the rules for food and drink that are optional are not being utilized, and respiration is utilizing the two-fail check mechanic for reducing from one level of respiration to another, rather than the more advanced mechanic.

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