Longdracon Dragon Kin

Basic Species Description

The most commonly found species on Jaltho is the longdracon dragon-kin.  Longdracon dragon-kin had convergent directed evolution with traits from humans and longdracon dragons, though they lean heavily in the direction of longdracon dragons despite their size and posture. Typically they tend to live in areas of high magic, but some have a tendency to make their home and roost in areas that do not, as per their culture or personal views toward ensuring their offspring have to rise through challenges to be worthy of growing up. The more magic an area has, the faster they will grow, though without frequent exposure to magic they will reach maturity in thirty years.

Winged like their longdracon dragon ancestors, longdracon dragon-kin are strong, fierce, powerful, and typically having an elemental breath attack, though not for as long a distance as their ancestors due to their smaller lungs and overall frame. They are slow to react, aren't as agile or able to balance quickly, but once they have their sights set on a foe they can be a whirlwind of devastation. Despite their slowness, they make up for it with their strength and flight.Unfortunately for most dragonis dragon-kin, regardless of their very thick scaled hide that has fur extending out from gaps between the scales, intelligence and especially long memories, they don't have as much finesse on average due to their larger clawed hands.

It is quite rare that a longdracon dragon-kin will be raised by anyone other than one of their parents, as they are quite a handful, and their parents are usually quite difficult to separate from their children if they are raising them. Their scaled hide is weakest in the front, which is why they will typically wear forward-facing partial armor, as they are already slow without it. A lot of longdracon dragon-kin are viewed as brutes and vicious savages by older species, however they are generally more deep than that, but most choose to let others perceive them as they wish, the better to be underestimated. Though longdracon dragon-kin normally take about thirty years to fully mature, they are considered adult at sixteen, or whenever they complete their rite of passage as per their culture. Most longdracon dragon-kin end up dying in battle or to other powerful circumstances, but they are capable of living to two-hundred and fifty on average, or longer with magical aid.

Longdracon dragon-kin are born male and female for the most part, but if they have three or more children at once, the third has a chance of being born a hermaphrodite. Female longdracon dragon-kin tend to grow pregnant up to a certain size before usually laying out one or two eggs, in which the fetuses will finish development on their own so long as it is kept warm enough, much like their longdracon dragon ancestors.

Longdracon dragon-kin mostly eat meat, though they do round out their diet with other various food groups. longdracon dragon-kin usually have a name combining their ancestral parentage cultures, as well as one from their current culture. Many longdracon dragon-kin live in or on mountains near both of their ancestral species, trying to be a bridge between them as negotiators and allies. Some live elsewhere, depending on their race and their ancestors exploring to find a place to call home. Though there are hybrids of longdracon dragon-kin and other species, they are rare. There are, however, four well-known longdracon dragon-kin races. Their cultural traits depend on their environment and upbringing.

History of the Species

Shortly after the longdracon dragons and draconis dragons arrived on Jaltho with humanity, the draconis dragons were ousted after their attempt to exterminate the longdracon dragons. Humanity itself was greatly diminished in population at the time, and as the two species grew closer for the sake of their survival, humanity itself was bred out of existance except in a few places, as the hybrid longdracon dragon-kin became more populous than the longdracon dragons or humans, and made no effort to specifically check up on their ancestral lines as they spread further out across the planet. When later some did return, they found both species nearly extinct, and cultures of respect for their ancestors started to develop afterward, taking efforts to honor and protect them, though despite the millions of years after, the populations have not grown back to significant numbers, and humanity itself has spread so widely that it is doubtful there will be any in another thousand years, as their breeding with the longdracon dragon-kins and other species diminishes the prominance of their own genetics in their descendants.

Base Species Genetics

The genetics for a longdracon dragon-kin are as follows:
(D6) Memory and Reason: +3 on Memory Checks, +3 on Reason Checks.

(D6) Steady Gliding: Ability to glide, +1 speed when gliding.

(D3) Strength: +2 on Might Checks.

(R3) Tough Skin: +2 EP.

(R3) Steady Claws: Allowing the use of Mortis Strength Damage instead of untyped Strength Damage, and +1 on Grip Checks when bare-handed.


Longdracon Dragon-Kin Lachesen

The longdracon dragon-kin lachesen are usually mostly black, with their underbellies a shade of brown, some gray scales mixed in with their black ones, moderate tail length with a rounded end, swift wings allowing them to fly for hours at a time, slowing breath attack, long horns, black hair, and yellow or green eyes. They have more courage than most other longdracon dragon-kin, and are faster. They are generally viewed as venerable and wise by other Longdracon Dragon-Kin ethnicities. They usually live on dry mountains, around or in volcanos, or underground near lava sources.

(E-6) Swift Flight: Ability to fly at normal movement speeds, and +1 endurance. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin Lachesen]
(E-3) Chronal Natural Breath: Those with this trait are able to utilize a strong intake of air and expulsion of it and chemicals their body produces to be able to exhale chronal breath. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin Lachesen]

Chronal Natural Breath Rank I:
    (Direction, Cone, None)
    (Free, Splendorous)
    (Natural, 105% Stability, EP Blowback)
    (Breath [Redirection], Chronal [Fluctuation])
    (6 FP, 1 Attempt, Accuracy Check)
          This ability allows the user to take a strong intake of air and expulsion of it and chemicals their body produces to be able to exhale their breath up to their offensive range and apply the Slowed and Bane Status Effects those caught in its cone and push them.              
Prerequisites: Longdracon Dragon-Kin Lachesen species and racial genetics. (18 points from cost, 1 point per FP for up to 20, 8 points necessary for Slowed, 5 for Bane)

(E-3) Speedy Courage: +1 Courage, and +1 MP. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin Lachesen]

Longdracon Dragon-Kin Faldus

Longdracon dragon-kin faldus are periwinkle blue with white and pink scales, their underbellies are generally light gray or eggshell, they have long red or brown hair, short horns, a long snout and jaws, a spiked tail-club, and eyes that are red or orange or black. The longdracon dragon-kin wrende are more agile, being more able to resist to damage of all sorts, even more resistant to madcap and irradiation, and having a madcap spit attack. They have smaller wings however, minimizing their ability to carry as much weight while flying.

(E-6) Agile Resistance: 1d10 Madcap Resistance Daily, 1d10/2 Irradiate Resistance Daily, +1 EP and +1 Agility. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin Faldus]
(E-3) Moderate Flight: Ability to fly at normal movement speeds, at -1 on Might Checks while flying. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin Faldus]
(E-3) Madcap Spit: Those with this trait are able to utilize a strong intake of air and expulsion of it and chemicals their body produces to be able to exhale madcap spit. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin Faldus]

Madcap Natural Spit Rank I:
    (Direction, Ray, None)
    (Standard, Halved)
    (Natural, 103% Stability, EP Blowback)
    (Breath [Redirection], Madcap [Legacy])
    (6 FP, 4 Attempts, Accuracy Check)
          This ability allows the user to take a strong intake of air and expulsion of it and chemicals their body produces to be able to spit raw madcap energies and wind up to their offensive range.

Longdracon Dragon-Kin Theonama

The longdracon dragon-kin theonama are light blue, with purple and black scales, with their underbellies being dark grey or yellow purple, their horns curving outward, gray or blond hair, purple or blue eyes, with vestigial wings, and an electric breath attack. Most longdracon dragon-kin theonama live in areas of very cold temperatures. They are more rational and cunning, and better able to use focus than their cousins, however, they are not able to fly but rather hover. They are also thought to be the oldest race of longdracon dragon-kin, and have the most political power overall.

(E-5) Static Logic: 1d10/2 Electricity Resistance Daily, +1 FP, +1 Reason, and +1 Cunning. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin Theonama]
(E-4) Normal Hovering: Ability to hover at present elevation. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin Theonama]
(E-3) Electric Breath: Those with this trait are able to utilize a strong intake of air and expulsion of it and chemicals their body produces to be able to exhale electric breath. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin Theonama]

Electric Natural Breath Rank I:
    (Direction, Cone, None)
    (Standard, Halved)
    (Natural, 105% Stability, EP Blowback)
    (Breath [Redirection], Electricity [Legacy])
    (6 FP, 4 Attempts, Accuracy Check)
          This ability allows the user to take a strong intake of air and expulsion of it and chemicals their body produces to be able to exhale electric breath up to their offensive range.


Longdracon Dragon-Kin Olymdak

Longdracon dragon-kin olymdak have dark black and prismatic scales, with forest green and pale blue underbellies, more height and muscles, larger wings, a whip-like tail, crest of short horns, spikes along their backs, blue or white hair, and green or orange or black eyes. They mostly live in high elevated areas with plenty of flat-land.  The longdracon dragon-kin olymdak are larger than their other cousins being a third of a meter taller on average, stronger, faster, better able to resist strong winds, and more vicious when provoked, and not having a breath attack but the capability to widen small rifts and tears to greater sizes.
(E-6) Swift Flight: Ability to fly at normal movement speeds, and +1 movement. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin Olymdak]
(E-3) Riftpuncher: Those with this trait are able to widen a rift or tear to greater size, and have +2 Setting Domain Adaption. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin Olymdak]

Natural Riftpuncher Rank I:
(Touch, Aura, None)
    (Lasting Beneficial)
    (Natural, 102% Stability, EP Blowback)
    (Setting [Fluctuation])
    (2 FP, 3 Attempts, Might Check)
          This ability allows the user to touch and widen a rift or tear to greater sizes, lasting for some time before it closes back to its prior size or smaller.

(E-3) Enduring Setting: +1 Endurance, and +1d10/2 Setting Resistance Daily [Longdracon Dragon-Kin Olymdak]


While longdracon dragon-kin do have all six potential sex genes presenting the nine combinations feasible, primarily the male and female sexes are more common. Those with more masculine traits tend to rougher scales, ragged fur and the most height with those that have feminine traits having smoother scales, softer fur and rounder faces, and those of more neutered traits having the smallest size and the smoothest scales, and little fur.

(m1) Those with this sex gene have +1 EP, +1 FP and +1 on Agility Checks. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin]

(m2) Those with this sex gene have +1 HP and +1 on Lung Checks. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin]

(f1) Those with this sex gene have +1 MP, +1 HP and +1 on Might Checks. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin]

(f2) Those with this sex gene have +1 HP and +1 on Lung Checks. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin]

(n1) Those with this sex gene have +1 SP, +1 MA and +1 on Memory Checks. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin]

(n2) Those with this sex gene +1 HP and +1 on Lung Checks. [Longdracon Dragon-Kin]

Generally longdracon dragon-kin utilize a variation of their longdracon dragon ancestral language, as per each race of longdracon dragon-kin being tied to each ancestral race. This is not to say that some do not speak others rather than that particular language, or in addition to it, merely that it is the most likely language for them to speak. As longdracon dragon-kin races tend to have a lot of political power in most continents of Lenida, they will also typically have an understanding of their local and cultural knowledge from the perspective of a middle, merchant, upper or noble class, depending on their background, unless from another continent or having an unusual backstory regarding their upbringing and lack of that knowledge, or utilizing a different language as their primary language.

In all sexes in most cultures, despite the fact that longdracon dragon-kin have no mammaries and have cloaca rather than externally present genitalia, it is still considered taboo to be bare-chested or have their crotches exposed, primarily from a standpoint of their ancestors living as warriors and vulnerable areas being something to protect as much as possible. Though longdracon dragon-kin are chimeric in origin, they tend toward longdracon dragon biology in general, and lay eggs like their monotreme ancestors.

For the sake of this playtest, the rules for food and drink that are optional are not being utilized, and respiration is utilizing the two-fail check mechanic for reducing from one level of respiration to another, rather than the more advanced mechanic.

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