Materials Listings
Table of Contents

// Mostly a placeholder for now, but organizing types of materials, etc.

Metallurgical - Metals, Alloys, Ores, etc.

Silicates - Rock, Stone, Sand, etc

Minerals - Gems, Non-Gem Crystals, Etc

Foci - Foci Crystals, Amber, Ammonites, Fossils, Petrified Wood, etc

Fauna - Leather/Hide/Furs, Skeletons, Extracts

Flora - Wood, Leaves, Berries, Extracts, etc

Necrophagy - Mold, Fungi, Mushrooms, etc

Aetheron - Ectoplasm, Soulstone, etc

Fibrous - Fabrics/Threads/Cloth, etc

Alchemical Essences


Health and Beauty

Enigmatic (random and overlap)

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