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Metallurgical Materials include ores, metals and alloys.


Material Name Hardness (HD) Durability (DR) Toughness (TG) Density (g/c^3) Ductility (DC) Workability (WK) Liquid Temp (LT) Solid Temp (ST) Gas Temp (GT) Plasma Temp (PT) Description Special Properties
Barobenell 3 HD 5 DR 20 TG 4.20 g/cm^3 X X X X X X Dark Cyan, Dull +1 TG per 0.01 Bar increase, up to 100 TG max
Boron 15 HD 1 DR 1 TG 2.46 g/cm^3 X X X X X X Black-Brown X
Brass (30% Zinc/70% Copper) 5 HD 7 DR 5 TG 8.44 g/cm^3 X X X X X X Yellow-Brown, Dull X
Bronze (90% Copper/10% Tin) 5 HD 9 DR 5 TG 8.76 g/cm^3 X X X X X X Red-Brown, Dark, Shiny X
Calcium 4 HD 4 DR 5 TG 1.55 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Cavorite 1 HD 1 DR 1 TG 0.15 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Celzial 1 HD 1 DR 1 TG 3.00 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Copper 5 HD 8 DR 5 TG 8.92 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Darkholm 22 HD 8 DR 20 TG 14.00 g/cm^3 X X X X X X Black, Dull, Dark X
Enhontros X X X X X X X X X X X X
Gold 2 HD 4 DR 2 TG 19.3 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Helkarne X X X X X X X X X X X X
Invar 10 HD 5 DR 10 TG 8.10 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Iridium 10 HD 21 DR 37 TG 22.56 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Iron (Cold) 13 HD 8 DR 15 TG 7.87 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Iron (Heated) 13 HD 8 DR 15 TG 7.87 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Lead 4 HD 6 DR 15 TG 11.34 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Lithium 1 HD 1 DR 2 TG 0.54 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Kukoju X X X X X X X X X X X X
Magnesium 4 HD 7 DR 16 TG 1.74 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Mercury 4 HD 7 DR 3 TG 13.53 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Nickel 5 HD 3 DR 5 TG 8.91 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Orichalcum X X X X X X X X X X X X
Oronakl X X X X X X X X X X X X
Osmium 11 HD 16 DR 1 TG 22.59 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Platinum 5 HD 3 DR 4 TG 21.45 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Plutonium 1 HD 4 DR 7 TG 19.82 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Radium 1 HD 1 DR 1 TG 5.00 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Rojihal X X X X X X X X X X X X
Sildak X X X X X X X X X X X X
Silicon 10 HD 7 DR 3 TG 2.33 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Silver 3 HD 5 DR 3 TG 10.49 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Sodium 1 HD 1 DR 1 TG 0.97 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Starelle X X X X X X X X X X X X
Steel 17 HD 12 DR 17 TG 8.05 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Tin 5 HD 15 DR 5 TG 7.31 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Titanium 10 HD 4 DR 8 TG 4.51 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Tungsten 13 HD 16 DR 29 TG 19.25 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Uranium 10 HD 10 DR 15 TG 19.05 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X
Zinc 5 HD 4 DR 5 TG 7.13 g/cm^3 X X X X X X X X

Calcium | Gray-Silver, Dull | 2 Toughness | 2 EP | 1.55 g/cm^3 | 1 Silver Piece | Per 5 kg, +0.5 EP when added to concrete construction | Calcium fractures relatively easy making for good primitive projectile weaponry if it penetrates, as well as even a small quantity helping to speed up the cheese making process and improve quality. Additionally, it is very useful in concrete construction. Those who utilize bone magic may manipulate calcium outside if bone to +2 Success when utilizing it in any application.

Cavorite | Purple-Red, Glossy | 1 Toughness | 1 EP | 0.15 g/cm^3 | 3 Platinum Pieces | Per 5 kg, negate 10 kg of other materials. | The mysterious alloy known as Cavorite is a composite made of melted purple amber, and pure helium, hydrogen, and oxygen all brought to plasma state and cooled to room temperature in a pure vacuum. The resulting solid is lighter than air, floating upward against air pressure unless otherwise weighted down. It is not very durable, but one gram of it will negate the weight of two grams of other materials, though it will faintly repel magnetic ones. An electric current ran through it will cause its magnetic field to flip, making it faintly attract magnetic materials. Cavorite will repel from itself unless forced together, but the larger the sample, the stronger the magnetic field.

Celzial | Yellow, Dull with shift to Green and then Blue, Glowing as it decays | 1 Toughness | 1 EP | 3 g/cm^3 | 2 Platinum Pieces | Per 5 kg, per turn deal 4 direct HP damage to celestial species within two movement squares of it, with additional multiplier if especially weak against it. | This radioactive metal is found in trace amounts in most celestial species that live in Ragsendi, but too much can harm or kill them. Areas of Ragsendi and other realms avoided by celestial species are usually rich in this material, as are some meteors.

Copper | Orange, Shiny, Oxidizes Green | 3 Toughness | 3 EP | 9 g/cm^3 | 1/3 Copper Piece | - 7 Electricity/Lightning Resistance, -9 Heat/Fire Resistance, + 1 Healing Power | Copper is very useful in piping, wires, cables, electrical machinery, architectural design aesthetics, and usefulness in antimicrobial purposes.

Darkholm | Black, Dull, Dark | 22 Toughness | 20 EP | 14 g/cm^3 | 5 Platinum Pieces | Per 5 kg + 40 Light Resistance, + 40 Darkness Resistance, + 40 Water Resistance. | This metal is extremely dense and durable for its size making it highly valued, in fact the most dense natural material in all the realms. It absorbs light, bending all around it and remaining pure black with no shine. It is unknown how it came to exist in Quantil, but some have claimed to find it only in starless space.

Enhontros | Purple, Glowing, Shiny, Oxidizes Black | 6 Toughness | 3 EP | 1.4 g/cm^3 | 2 Platinum Pieces, 38 Gold Pieces, 30 Silver Pieces | Per 5 kg, deal + 3 EP damage per turn to non-ordered and non-chaotic materials and creatures within 4 squares of it in unworked state. When alloyed with anything, deal 2 EP damage per turn if striking something, and ward +7 EP against chaotic attacks at cost of -2 HP per day regardless of attacks. | This rare type of metal found in some of the asteroids floating in Pral, exposed to the pure entropic forces radiating out from the High Chaotic Beings' prison crystals. In its natural state it radiates entropy to wear down all non-ordered and non-chaotic materials. When merged with other materials, it can be harnessed to also protect against some chaotic attacks at the cost of less radius in its attacking power and damage to the user specifically every day.

Gold | Yellow, Shiny | 2 Toughness | 3 EP | 19 g/cm^3 | 13 Silver Pieces, 2 Copper Pieces | Per 5 kg, + 0.5 Light Damage, + 1 Life Damage to Undead or Reanimated creatures, + 0.5 HP Direct Damage to gold-allergic creatures, - 9 Electricity/Lightning Resistance. | Gold is a metal with innate power through many cultures. It is linked to the sun, and some creatures are drawn to it, or painfully allergic to it. It is used in some rituals, often alongside Silver and Cold Iron or other mythical materials, usually with the gold in the spot linked to light, strength and life. As it is a soft metal, it is rarely used solely in weaponry or tools, but it often accents specialized equipment, and sometimes is the primary visible material to increase its effective properties. Many cultures utilize gold or gold alloys as some form of currency, though some find its applications more useful in those purposes instead. It is corrosion resistant, used for jewelry, and used in some electrical components as well due to its high conductivity.

Helkarne Metal | White and Black Speckled | 5 Toughness | 4 EP | 0.014 g/cm^3 | 1 Platinum Piece, 35 Gold Pieces | Per 5 kg, Heals 1 HP per day, deals 25 bonus damage if used with an individual's last FP use of a day. | This rare metal was created by the first infernal beings and first celestial beings in concert to fight the High Chaotic Beings, after the High Ordered Beings were imprisoned in The White Void. Many thought it was lost during the war, but both the celestials and infernals kept some hidden for their war that followed. The celestials lost most of their own in the war against the infernals, putting everything they could into the battle effort, but many infernals resorted to less powerful metals and forced armies from the primary realm to ensure they not surrender their prized weaponry to the celestials or to shattering. Some steal them from Thelatos, but the method of making more is a lost art that many have tried to reclaim. If any have, they have not shared it with the general populous.

Invar | Silvery, Shiny | 8 Toughness | 5 EP | 8 g/cm^3 | 6 Silver Pieces, 8 Copper Pieces | Per 5 kg + 10 Heat/Fire Resistance. + 10 Ice Resistance. + 20 Magnetic Resistance. | An alloy of 36% nickel and 64% iron which strongly resists temperature changes. Used in clocks, anti-magnetic shielding, some motors and some precision instruments.

Iridium | Silvery, White, Shiny | 10 Toughness | 7 EP | 22.56 g/cm^3 | 2 Silver Pieces, 17 Copper Pieces | Per 5 kg, - 2 Gamma Ray Resistance, - 5 Mutation Resistance | This rare dense metal has a 78 day half-life and produces gamma rays which may cause mutation, as well as be useful in power generation and some healing methods.

Iron (Worked) | Gray, Shiny | 6 Toughness | 4 EP | 7.874 g/cm^3 | 1/10th Copper Piece | Per 5 kg, - 2 Magnetic Resistance, - 2 Electricity/Lightning Resistance, - 1 Heat Resistance. | This very common metal when worked is used in a lot of items and alloys as well. It is a key part of making steel, used in magnetic devices, in many structures, in many weapons, and has many other uses.

Iron (Cold Iron) | Gray, Shiny | 5 Toughness | 4 EP | 7.874 g/cm^3 | 35 Copper Pieces | Per 5 kg, - 2 Magnetic Resistance, - 2 Electricity/Lightning Resistance, - 1 Heat/Fire Resistance, + 2 Magic Resistance. | Cold Iron is a very common staple of many fantasy stories, and MaL includes it in the many materials an individual can utilize in the game. Cold Iron in MaL is iron that has not been alloyed with anything else and has not been put into a forge, merely shaped without the application of heat. It is useful to ward of most Fey, some Specters, and to the superstitious it can be shaped into a horseshoe or other specific shape designed to ward off bad luck.

Lead | Gray | 2 Toughness | 2 EP | 11.34 g/cm^3 | 1/100th Copper Piece | Per 5 kg, + 1 Radiation Resistance, - 1 Electricity/Lightning Resistance, + 1 Magnetic Resistance, + 1 Toxic Damage. | Lead is very toxic to most sentient species, however, it is also useful in blocking many types of radiation, in weight sets, in many structures, and useful in pipe organ construction.

Lithium | Silver-White, Shiny | 1 Toughness | 1 EP | 0.534 g/cm^3 | 2 Copper Pieces | Per 5 kg, - 4 Electricity/Lightning Resistance, - 5 Heat/Fire Resistance. | Lithium is a metal which is used in many electronic devices, especially as part of a coolant or power-supply unit, in some medicines, and other purposes.

Kukoju Metal | Reddish-Gold, Shiny | 2 Toughness | 2 EP | 0.069 g/cm^3 | 12 Silver Pieces | Per 5 kg, - 3 Electricity/Lightning Resistance, + 1 HP per 8 hours held even if no other healing actions are taken. | This soft and electrically conductive metal is very useful to healers and those working with machines, but is not of much use in weaponry or construction.

Magnesium | Gray, Shiny | 1 Toughness | 3 EP | 1.738 g/cm^3 | 1/5th Copper Piece | Per 5 kg, - 1 Heat/Fire Resistance. | Magnesium is flammable and lightweight, making it good for some devices and structures, though not very useful on its own in weaponry.

Mercury | Silver-White, Shiny | 0 Toughness | 0 EP | 13.534 g/cm^3 | 1 Copper Piece | Per 5 kg, + 1 Heat/Fire Resistance, - 2 Electricity/Lightning Resistance, + 2 Acid Resistance, + 1 Toxic Damage. | This metal is very useful in thermometers and other atmosphere measuring devices, some medicines, some illumination devices, and some other advanced machinery.

Orichalcum | Orange-White, Shiny | 2 Toughness | 5 EP | 16 g/cm^3 | 4 Silver Pieces | Per 5 kg, + 8 Magic Resistance, + 8 Electricity/Lightning Resistance, Change 1 Magic or 1 Electricity/Lightning Damage stored into the other and release it into an aura around it or attached conduits. | This alloy combines copper, gold and silver, and additional elements may give it different colored hues than pure Orichalcum. It is typically found in golems used by Wizards and others wanting precise control without as much understanding of magic as a Wizard may have. The reason for this is that Orichalcum is a transforming alloy, turning magical energy into electricity, and electricity into magical energy. As a result, it is quite useful when a complex golem needs to be able to absorb magical spells cast at it for replenishing its batteries, or utilizing that energy to retaliate with a spell it is designed to cast.

Oronakl Metal | Blue, Dull | 5 Toughness | 30 EP | 55.36 g/cm^3 | 6 Platinum Pieces | Per 5 kg, - 40 Heat/Fire Resistance, - 40 Electricity/Lightning Resistance. | Little is known about this metal aside from the fact that it is found natively only in Mazek and some meteors, the densest of all metals, though not a completely natural one, as some ancient texts refer to what some think is a form of fusion in its construction. It is the primary metal used in ancient devices located in Mazek. It is a superconductor of heat and electricity, being immune to any damage from them itself, but allowing it to be stored or transfer through it depending on what else it is alloyed or otherwise utilized with. Without any material used to capture them, however, it would pass right through without damaging the metal.

Platinum | Grayish-White, Shiny | 2 Toughness | 4 EP | 21.45 g/cm^3 | 14 Silver Pieces, 2 Copper Pieces | per 5 kg, - 15 Heat/Fire Resistance, - 11 Electricity/Lightning Resistance. | Platinum is mostly used for currency and jewelry, but may also be used in some advanced machinery due to its properties.

Plutonium | Dark Grey, Dull | 1 Toughness | 1 EP | 19.816 g/cm^3 | 31 Gold Pieces, 10 Silver Pieces | per 5 kg, + 1 Heat/Fire Resistance, + 4 Electricity/Lightning Resistance, + 5 Radiation Damage per turn if not shielded. | Plutonium is used in some weaponry (mostly explosives), power generation, and some tracking devices.

Radium | Silver-White, Shiny | 1 Toughness | 1 EP | 5.5 g/cm^3 | 15 Gold Pieces, 3 Silver Pieces | per 5 kg, + 2 Radiation Damage per turn if not shielded. | Radium is used for radioactive paint and some medicines in cultures with high radiation pollution, and is also be used in some scientific research.

Rojihal Metal | Faint Pink, Shiny | 6 Toughness | 8 EP | 0.009 g/cm^3 | 38 Gold Pieces, 25 Silver Pieces | Per 5 kg, + 1 Focus leeching from each life taken by it, + 1 EP Damage attack for every 2 FP it retains, or FP may be utilized by those that can use Foci Magic. | Rojihal Metal is native to Jhaneer and its alloying was a secret well guarded for centuries, used solely for royal bodyguards and the highest ranking official police. It glows brighter and hotter for each life taken by it, trapping the remaining focus a body had in it when the spirit departed the body. As a result, Rojihal Metal releases this trapped focus as an extra 1 damage to EP for every 2 FP it retains, or it may be used by those that can use Foci Magic in order to put it to greater potential.

Sildak Metal | Blue-Silver, Shiny | 10 Toughness | 15 EP | 0.003 g/cm^3 | 26 Gold Pieces | Per 5 kg, - 1 Concealment. | Sildak Metal is made from the melted leaves of the Sildak trees in Ragsendi, which shimmer and glitter in even low-light conditions and is extremely light for its durability. It has the appearance of faintly blue-tinged silver that shines brightly even without polishing.

Silicon | Blue-Gray, Shiny | 3 Toughness | 7 EP | 2.329 g/cm^3 | 6 Copper Pieces | Per 5 kg, - 9 Heat/Fire Resistance, - 8 Electrical/Lightning Reistance | Silicon is in many basic materials such as sand, glass, some clays, and other building materials. It makes for a good superconductor and is used in a lot of electronics, especially computers and solar cells.

Silver | Silver, Shiny | 3 Toughness | 3 EP | 10.49 g/cm^3 | 8 Copper Pieces | Per 5 kg, - 13 Heat/Fire Resistance, - 13 Electricity/Lightning Resistance, + 0.5 Extra HP Damage at night, + 1 HP Direct Damage to to silver-allergic creatures. | Silver is used in currency, reflective materials, objects of status and value such as jewelry and silverware, dentistry, electronics and some medicines. It has many mythical properties in MaL, being linked to the night, and many creatures of darkness being strongly allergic to it. Some mistakenly think that someone infected with the Lunemire virus needs to be killed only with silver, especially Werewolves, but while this does agitate them and make it hard for them to focus, it in and of itself does not kill them. It may, however, be utilized in rituals, tools, and weapons that have increased efficiency in darkness, especially at night.

Sodium | Silver-White, Shiny | 1 Toughness | 1 EP | 0.968 g/cm^3 | 3 Copper Pieces | Per 5 kg, - 10 Heat/Fire Resistance, - 20 Water Resistance with + 3 Damage to 1 m^2 due to the explosion, with 1 m^2 radius increase per 30 kg. | When used in some compounds, sodium may safely draw water out of the area, but by itself it causes a violent exothermic reaction when exposed to water. It is useful for heat transfer, and with some other materials it makes indigo dye.

Starrelle Metal | Dark Blue, Extremely Shiny | 26 Toughness | 4 EP | 0.138 g/cm^3 | 13 Gold Pieces, 25 Silver Pieces | Per 5 kg, + 2 Illumination. | This extremely shiny metal draws the attention of pixies, sprites and many other creatures easily, but despite this it is still sought after for its power. It glows faintly in the dark if uncovered, and is extremely tough if not durable even when unworked, making it very useful in weaponry.

Steel | Gray, Shiny | 10 Toughness | 6 EP | 7.8 g/cm^3 | 1/30th Copper Piece | Per 5 kg, - 1 Heat/Fire Resistance, - 1 Electricity/Lightning Resistance | Steel is a very tough and fairly durable alloy that offers some protection from corrosion as well as not allowing as much heat or electricity to pass through it as many other metals and alloys. It is frequently used in building materials, machinery, scientific devices, armor and weaponry.

Titanium | Gray-White, Shiny | 9 Toughness | 6 EP | 4.506 g/cm^3 | 2 Gold Pieces | Per 5 kg, - 1 Heat/Fire Resistance, - 1 Electricity/Lightning Resistance | Titanium is a metal that while more rare and expensive than steel, can be used to almost the same level of durability and toughness with a much lower overall mass, meaning more of it can be carried without weighing a player down. It is frequently used in building materials, machinery, scientific devices, armor and weaponry.

Tungsten | Gray-White, Shiny | 7 Toughness Purified, 3 Toughness Raw | 8 EP | 19.25 g/cm^3 | 7 Copper Pieces | Per 5 kg, + 1 Heat/Fire Resistance, + 1 Electricity/Lightning Resistance, + 4 Corrosion Resistance, + 4 Acid Resistance, + 4 Alkali Resistance, - 11 Libido, - 1 Charisma. | The rare metal tungsten is not used frequently in low-technological areas, but it does have many uses. It is very malleable if purified but in raw form it is very brittle. It is capable of resisting a fair amount of heat, electricity, corrosion, acid and alkali damages, however, it negatively affects the reproductive systems of most species and decreases charisma as well. It is used in armor, weaponry, building materials, some scientific devices, jewelry and some electronics.

Uranium | Silver-Gray, Dull | 1 Toughness | 1 EP | 19.1 g/cm^3 | 3 Silver Pieces, 5 Copper Pieces | Per 5 kg, + 2 Radioactive Damage per turn if not shield. | Uranium is a weakly radioactive metal which is useful in some weaponry designs, power generation and other scientific devices. It is dangerous to most species if not properly shielded, though not as radioactive as Plutonium.

Metallurgical Material Entries

Material Name, Worked/Unworked, Mass
(Hardness, Durability, Toughness)
(Density, Ductility, Workability)
(States of Matter Temperatures 1, 2, 3, 4)
Description: [ Appearance: A small part of the description should specifically note the appearance of the material itself. Its coloration, reflective nature, and so forth. ]
Special Properties:

Barobenell | Dark Cyan, Dull | 5 Toughness | 20-100 EP (Varies by consistent external pressure) | 4.2 Density g/cm^3 | 6 Platinum Pieces | +2 EP per bar of atmosphere increase if not jumping more than 5 bars, up to 100 EP. | Barobenell is an alloy made from copper, promethium, yttrium and carbon at gaseous state rapidly cooled to a solid state before it decays too far. The rarity of this alloy makes it quite expensive, in addition to how quickly it is snatched up by those of strategic military intelligence due to its properties. The more pressure that is exerted on Barobenell, the stronger it becomes, dissipating heat rapidly and retaining its weight and structure, being twenty-times stronger than diamond at half the weight. Naturally occurring Barobenell is rare, sometimes found in comets or asteroids, and only survives entry into planets if cooled rapidly, such as when landing in a polar cap or a planet with an ice age active or dark-side of a tidally locked planet or moon, or celestial body with no atmosphere. When an electric current is run through Barobenell it accelerates its decay, being an incredible superconductor for a short period of time before it breaks down into its composite elements.

Boron | Black-Brown | 19 Toughness | 4 EP | 2.46 Density g/cm^3 | 10 Copper Pieces | Per 5 kg of it, +2 Damage to Arthropods (Insects, Arachnids, Etc), +2 Cleaning Power, +2 Healing Power, +20 Resistance to Heat/Fire Attacks. | While a chemical element as compared to an alloy or compound, boron is still fairly rare, especially outside of existing molecules most of which are minerals. It does need processing in order to purify it, but the end result is very useful in armor and weapons, especially against heat/fire attacks.

Brass | Yellow-Brown, Dull | 5 Toughness | 3 EP | 8.5 g/cm^3 | 1/3 Copper Piece | Per 5 kg, +1 Disease Resistance, -2 Heat/Fire Resistance, -2 Electrical/Lightning Resistance | An alloy of copper and zinc, brass is utilized for devices that require low friction (such as doorknobs, gears, etc), as well as not causing sparks, resisting sparks and corrosion, and being antimicrobial. While it is rarely used in weaponry for more than decorative flair or cartridges of firearm ammunition, it may be of some use in machine inner-workings and general decor purposes. While there is a variety of brass alloys in real life, within MaL it is simplified to an averaging of different forms into one.

Bronze | Red-Brown, Dark, Shiny | 9 Toughness | 4 EP | 8.5 g/cm^3 | 1/10th Copper Piece | Per 5 kg, -4 Heat/Fire Resistance, -4 Electrical/Lightning Resistance, +2 Accuracy in cannon weaponry. | An alloy of copper and tin, bronze is resistant to corrosion, does not produce sparks, nonmagnetic and a good conductor of heat and electricity, as well as being useful for musical instruments, medals, statues, other decor or in use in cannons chambers to improve accuracy.


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