Almost every entity in The FARAD System requires some form of respiration in order to survive. Humans, for example, breath in air taking oxygen from it, and output carbon dioxide out. Being unable to breath for three minutes on average, will make a human start to suffocate. As each species may breath differently, a good GM should list how the air content differs if a player or group enters an area containing a potentially dangerous mixture of air, if it is able to be smelled or seen by the characters, or start dropping hints of the effects if odorless and colorless. Ideally, each species has a maximum of respiration points which is listed at the bottom of their species entry, and respiration averages out when creating hybrids, unless one species in the mix has infinite as part of the genes which carry on.

Each point is fifteen seconds of breathable air, so for humans there are 12 on average. If airflow is available, such as while outdoors away from hazardous gases, then the points would not begin dwindling. In an area of danger, the points will decrease, causing the effects as dictated in each species listing. Each species has its own respiratory needs, being a particular type of gas, or liquid form of that gas, or in rare cases, none at all. In an open environment, away from smoke, stench, toxic fumes (or liquid form of that gas), respiration should be treated as infinite due to ventilation, though in enclosed areas without proper ventilation, on high elevations, or deep underground, available respiration fulfilling matter may be decreased or unavailable.

When air or liquid quality is less than sufficient, each point of respiration may be reduced once per turn if failing a Lung Check, and does not increase again if not given access to a proper source of air of higher quality. If air or liquid quality is less than 20% of the element the individual breathes, or if more than 10% is of a gas that is toxic to the individual, they must make a Lung Check.

If an individual loses half their Respiration Points, they start taking Suffocation Damage every turn even if passing Lung Checks, until they recover their Respiration Points to more than half. Suffocation Damage is equal to 1d10 HP damage at hitting halfway, and an additional 1d10 HP damage added to the previous damage sum every further point lost, until there are no more respiration points or the entity has died, if respiration does not recover. For example, if 3 points under halfway, then 3d10 would be rolled every turn until respiration is recovered, but further respiration points are not lost unless failing a Lung Check. Every time suffering Suffocation Damage, however, the entity's Lung Check requirement increases by 1.

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