While a player may play as any entity within The FARAD System, those which are sentient and sapient are referred to as species, and are listed below. For playing as an adecrea, creature, loa, numina, pragur, terror or other entity, click on the entity categorization and look at the entries there.

The Core Species

These species were first seen in the core books on the planet Lenida in The Primary Realm.  [Book titles]

The Fey Species

These species originally came from The Glens of Tirae during The Great Fey Exodus, many coming to the planet Lenida in The Primary Realm, fleeing The Spritehollow Region and its neighboring borders.  Not all were able to escape, but those on Lenida tend to be extremely distrustful of those claiming to have lived within The Spritehollow Region after The Great Fey Exodus had completed, as most political rules of the fey declare that all were either slaughtered or turned into servants of the Pragur.

Gitwerg, Goblins, Gnomes, and Pixies

The Migrant Species

These species may have come from varied locations originally, but they largely still have nomadic patterns and cultural influence on the planet Lenida.  This is not to say that all do not settle down in a location on a permanent basis, but generations tend to feel the need to spread out great distances from one another rather than remaining closer to their ancestors.

Cubi, Human, Naiad, and Reynix

The Unbound Species

These species were all once considered pets or domesticated slave species on the planet Lenida.  Now they have shaken off the shackles of that bondage, some with great hatred for the species that originally enslaved them and some with forgiveness and fondness, depending on the condition of their servitude and either intentional or unintentional ignorance regarding their sentience and sapience.

Draconis Dragon-Kin, Felinae, Gargoyle, and Kenthri

The Labspawn Species

These species were all created on the planet Lenida by the willful actions of individuals laboring away in secrecy, either to protect their genius for the sake of their egos or because they were made for war. In the case of the elementine and sarok-kin, nature had produced a crude form of their kind before, but with the intentional recreation of these fabled species their creators went beyond what nature itself had designed through rare hybridization and chance to creating enough for their species to become sustainable on their own, albeit, with the sarok-kin, the actions of powers beyond the mortal ken decided to further these efforts on a broader scale. Now free from the laboratories and other circumstances that bore them into this world, their more recent arrival on the planet has made their struggles to build their own civilizations difficult…

Elementine, Kaelran (androids), Quoma-Kin, and Sarok-Kin

Under the Guilty Suns Expansion Species

These species started on, or later settled on the planet Reanas, and while they may travel to other worlds, the majority of their population has a self-imposed stigma and guilt associated with past actions their species had taken, even if it is something largely unknown to other species. Others are somewhat rightfully accused for their past actions, though many of the accused species simply do not care, or believe the accusations are false propaganda from another species, until the horrifying truth is revealed to those unfortunate to be exposed to the cold hard reality of proof.

The Shoreborn

These species primarily live next to, on or under water, and are often birthed on the shores of Reanas' seas and lakes.

Gremlin, and Ryusein

The Dryblood

These species have extremely long lives, do not bleed much when cut, and typically have a high proficiency with magic.

Allyv, and Venefica

The HiveMind

These species are primarily warriors and have a kind of hive-mind with which they may connect to communicate or be controlled by… Purely for the sake of greater efficiency and not at all for the ruling powers to manipulate the masses, of course…

Hamsagi, and Kushmall

The Preserved

These species were saved from potential disasters and their evolution accelerated.

Numonsi, and Reynix

Clash of the Frozen Armies Expansion Species

These species started on, or later settled on the planet Frigsolum.

The Frostblood

These species not only live but thrive in some of the coldest places imaginable.

Asmoden, and Mireo

The Skyborn

These species live almost exclusively in high elevation for most of their life, with difficulty spending time at lower elevations.

Gangel, and Zumiel

The Storm Bound

These species tend to manipulate and fight with electricity and the power of storms.

Witmorgate, and Thonn

The Stoneskin

These species have a defensive secondary layer of skin hard as stone that they can form around themselves.

Gargoyle, and Gnomes

Cities Under the Clouds Expansion Species

These species started on, or later settled on the planet Ostherrim, or one of its two habitable moons, Kardas and Arba, and while they may travel to other worlds, the majority expand their consciousness out technologically, psionically or through magical means in order to explore and learn.

The Metalbond

These species are primarily born with or willingly enhance themselves with cybernetics, tending to have fairly advanced technological civilizations.

Abeoden, and Galanus

The Muckhaven

These species tend to live in swamps, bogs, marshes, and in general are less interested in blending cultures unless it suits their needs, such as with the hirudae when taking hosts and needing to blend in with the local population.

Hirudae, and Witreen

The Skyheart

These species are aerial fighters and explorers, flying through and above the cloud lines without the need of technology.

Oscielis, and Rhigaro

The Refuge

These species were from Tirae originally, but fled it during the Great Fey Exodus of the Spritehollow region.

Goblins, and Pixies

The Forest Gloom Expansion Species

These species started on, or later settled on the planet Jaltho.

The Scaleguard

These species have thick scales which help protect them.

Longdracon Dragon-Kin, and Turtle-Kin

The Calmhearted

These species tend to have a relatively calm demeanor, even if ferocity may hide behind it, waiting to be unleashed.

Arachne, and Panden

The Shadehaven

These species tend to live in heavy shadow and manipulate it to suit their purposes.

Dymocanto, and Shinjaka

The Feral-paced

These species tend to walk upright, but have a much faster burst of speed when running on all four limbs.

Felinae, and Kenthri

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