Trained Traits

Trained Traits

Trained Traits are a part of the leveling mechanic used in The FARAD System. Once an entity such as a player character increases by a level, they are able to gain a Training Point to spend on each of the four categories of trained traits: Combat, General, Knowledge and Vocational. These points may be spent to bolster previous training, expand into new areas, or banked until another level. However, should a character die, they will have a reduction in that TP bank, same as their bank for XP types and Ability Points.

Combat Trained Traits

General Trained Traits

Knowledge Trained Traits

(1) Widened Universe Knowledge I characters get +1 SP.

(1) Ebb and Flow Knowledge I characters are able recharge off of any leyline within 1/4th km.

(1) Foci Knowledge I characters get +1 to Foci Recharge Success Checks, being able to better recharge identified Foci.

(1) Magical Backlash Knowledge I characters are have +1 success with Magical Ability Attempts.

(1) Melee Defensive Techniques I +1 to any attempt to defend against melee damage.

(1) Quick-Witted Knowledge I characters get +2 to all Wit Checks.

(1) Simple Weapon Knowledge I. +1 Accuracy with any simple weapon.

(1) Spell Studies Knowledge characters get +2 on Learning Checks related to learning new knowledge for magic-related abilities.

(2) Simple Weapon Knowledge II. +1 Accuracy and +1 Damage Dealt with any simple weapon.

(2) Pirate Weapon Knowledge (Gain a +1 bonus to damage and +1 accuracy with cutlasses, rapiers, pistols, grenades and grappling hooks)

(2) Animal Knowledge II. +1 to Charm Animals, +1 to Natural Creature Tracking

(2) Ebb and Flow Knowledge II characters are able to recharge off of any leyline within 1/4th km, and by instinct detect magical leylines within 1/2 km.

(2) Fix-It Knowledge II characters get +2 on Repair Checks of all types.

(2) Improvised Weapon Knowledge II. No penalty to accuracy or damage dealt if using something improvised as a weapon.

(2) Inventive Hands Knowledge II characters get +2 on Craft Checks of all types.

(2) Magical Backlash Knowledge II characters are have +1 success with Magical Ability Attempts, and +1 Defense against backlash if critical failing.

(3) Accursed Knowledge III characters get +2 duration to magic effects, and may spend a minor action in a turn to roll a 1d10. If 6 or higher, any one magical effects active on them or another may be reduced by a turn or five minutes duration.

(3) The Powers That Be Knowledge III characters have +1 on checks for any Numina, Pragur or Adecrea Knowledge Checks and +1 Charisma toward one of their choosing.

(3) Showmanship Knowledge III characters get +2 to dance, entertainment, and musical performance checks, and may gain an additional +1 if it is used in their profession even if this knowledge is not needed for the profession.

(4) Melee Defensive Techniques IV as a knowledge bonus. +2 to any attempt to defend against melee damage and +2 EP at start of combat, even above max.

Vocational Trained Traits

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