Basic Species Description

The zumiel are a celestial species whose true form is shrouded in illusion. To those who solely observe via the normal visual spectrum, they appear to be of the same species as the individual perceiving them, save with dusty golden skin, a double crown of bone around the forehead, fast-growing hair that glimmers like fire, six giant wings with crystalline facet patterns on them, feathers over their shoulders and extreme musculature. Those that are able to see outside it will sometimes see that their form is more a crystalline decahedron filled with light and hundred of eyes, with a bone crown at the top and bottom, and the wings extending outward. They usually build with stone and metal architecture. Usually they are driven to punishing wickedness and chaos, bestowing magic and knowledge to those they feel have deserved it, and to enforce their position of power over gangel.

History of the Species

Zumiel were created by the Adecrea near the beginning of the aethrix to serve as servants of their machinations with the gangel below them, aiming to have the two species coordinate to deal with the Bodel traitors and help fight the infernal armies and the Pragur that created them. Unfortunately for the Adecrea, the celestials made a truce with the infernals and Bodel temporarily in order to bar both the Pragur and Adecrea from direct entry into the aethrix. Soon after, the truce broke down and while the Bodel helped broker a new one, the celestials and infernals maintained an eternal war against one another, with their populations moving to other realms in order to limit the bloodshed to times of agreed combat and the occasional skirmish outside the terms of the agreement which would result in the punishment of those involved. While the majority of gangel and zumiel are still in The Hallowed Mists of Ragsendi, some of the two species came to Frigsolum 6,000 years ago.

Base Species Genetics

The genetics for a zumiel are as follows:

(D4) Illusionary Form: Those with this trait appear to be similar to another species, while still exhibiting aspects of their true form in order to differentiate themselves from the average individual of that species.

(D3) Winged flight: Ability to glide and fly at +1 MP.

(D3) Summoning Power: This individual has the 'Summoning Power' ability, and +3 Casting Call Domain Adaption.

(R4) Smiting Glory: Those with this trait are able to deal Madcap Strength Damage instead of Untyped Strength Damage, as well as +1 Damage against any they deem unlawful.

(R3) Soul Judge: +1 Tenebrous Source Adaption, +1 on Law Checks, and +1 on Judge Checks.

Summoning Power Rank I:
(Self, Aura, None)
(Willful, Severance, Situational)
(Natural, 95% Stability, EP Blowback)
(Casting Call [Redirection])
(4 FP, 4 Attempts, Accuracy Check)
This ability allows the user to take a summon one of 4 items to themselves that they have previously touched and set earlier in the day as ones they would be able to summon.
Situation: The individual summons the first item.
Situation: The individual summons the second item.
Situation: The individual summons the third item.
Situation: The individual summons the fourth item.
Condition: The individual may only summon one item at time which they can carry and have ownership of, or permission to summon, and if it leaves their offensive range it de-summons back to wherever they had it stored before it was summoned.
Prerequisites: Zumiel species 'Summoning Power' gene.


The archalonel zumiel have white irises, glowing golden sclera and pupils, and lilac glowing patterns on their skin and wings. Their hair is usually sapphire. Most are 20 centimeters taller than other zumiel and have the broadest wings.

(E-4) Beautiful Mind: +2 to Beauty Checks, and +1 MA. [Archalonel Zumiel]
(E-4) Charming Focus: +2 to Charming Checks, and +1 FP. [Archalonel Zumiel]
(E-4) Speedy: +2 MP. [Archalonel Zumiel]

The oserailim zumiel have white irises, glowing silver sclera and pupils, and jade glowing patterns on their skin and wings. Their hair is usually amber.

(E-4) Beautiful Dancer: +2 to Beauty Checks, and +2 to Dancing Checks. [Oserailim Zumiel]
(E-4) Charming Motivation: +2 to Charming Checks, and +2 to Motivate Checks. [Oserailim Zumiel]
(E-4) Shielded Reasoning: +2 to Shielding Checks, and +2 to Reason Checks. [Oserailim Zumiel]

The chasparu zumiel have amethyst irises, glowing emerald sclera and pupils, and ruby glowing patterns on their skin and wings. Their hair is usually pearlescent. They have almost vestigial-looking wings, though they are still able to fly at normal speeds, and most are 20 centimeters shorter than other zumiel.

(E-4) Beautiful: +4 to Beauty Checks. [Chasparu Zumiel]
(E-4) Charming: +4 to Charming Checks. [Chasparu Zumiel]
(E-4) Taming Temperance: +2 to Taming Checks, and +2 Temperance Domain Adaption. [Chasparu Zumiel]

Generally zumiel utilize a language unique unique to their ethnicity, but many also know the language of the nearest other populations, as well that of the nearest market's chief language. This is not to say that some do not speak others rather than those particular languages, or in addition to it, merely that they are the most likely languages for them to speak. While zumiel are usually considered of merchant, upper and noble class, some are of lower class in areas where they are vastly outnumber by more infernal species.


Over all, the different genders of zumiel are largely alike.

(m1) Those with this sex gene have +1 SP, and +1 MA. [Zumiel]

(m2) Those with this sex gene have +1 SP, +1 on Charisma Checks, and +1 Breath Domain Adaption. [Zumiel]

(f1) Those with this sex gene have +2 SP. [Zumiel]

(f2) Those with this sex gene have +1 SP, +1 on Balance Checks, and +1 Breath Domain Adaption. [Zumiel]

(n1) Those with this sex gene have +1 SP and +1d10/2 SP Recovery Rate Advantage. [Zumiel]

(n2) Those with this sex gene have +1 SP, +1 on Balance Checks, and +1 Breath Domain Adaption. [Zumiel]

For the sake of this playtest, the rules for food and drink that are optional are not being utilized, and respiration is utilizing the two-fail check mechanic for reducing from one level of respiration to another, rather than the more advanced mechanic.

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